We are BACK!!!! Unless you’ve been following Brandy’s personal Instagram Stories (@thebrandysalazar) of our family life, things have been pretty quiet from the Salazars.

The truth is, we’ve been busy turning our lives upside down, inside out, and sideways. As some of you know, we have created online courses for couples with kids; just like us. Naturally, as we put this together, we began reevaluating our own priorities for our marriage and for our family. Our conversations about our core values became more frequent and as honest as they had ever been. It became clear that we were not living our priorities as seriously as we knew we were capable of.

Clearly, we had made a very beautiful life for ourselves, and we are grateful and honored to have had those experiences. However, we had to make some major changes to separate ourselves from the rush and stress of our current life to live the way we truly desired.

We really wanted:
More time together as a couple (now that we actually like each other  ????) & with the girls, less stress, better health, stronger faith, deeper relationships, more simplicity, more freedom, and more time to do the things we didn’t have time for. No problem, right?  ????

SO, we took a break from “working”, sold our “big” house and most of our extra “stuff” in May and moved to a 70-year-old farmhouse on half an acre in The Foothills. We downsized dramatically and eliminated most of our expenses.
We are very fortunate that this 1 BIG change has allowed us to completely reset our lives and literally begin to rebuild it.

WERE WE SERIOUS?… were we going to sell this beautiful home we just built for our family? Were we going to mess up our kids? Were we going to be miserable without all of these things we have spent years working our butts off to accumulate? It was like jumping off a cliff… and the moment we couldn’t turn back, we couldn’t turn back.

It’s now been over 7 months and it is still crazy when we think about it all, and to be completely honest, it was incredibly SCARY. Brandy felt like she was going to puke many times getting the house ready to sell and even more while selling it… The FEARS were so real!

However, within 72 hours after moving we knew, we just knew we made the right decision. There are so many moments and positive shifts that continue to confirm that we did the best thing for our family. The Fears have NEVER returned because they were NOT real.

So, what does life look like now?

We are homeschooling the girls together. We spend our days actually enjoying our morning coffee, doing school work, gardening, watching our 4 hilarious hens, hanging out in the tree house, cooking with the girls, being creative or in nature, for the most part, Sunday is the same as Thursday around here.

Life isn’t perfect. We are around each other A LOT and that can cause some tension. We are new to homeschooling and have had some tough moments working it all out. We are also unwinding and caring for some health issues (B will share more detail about this in our private women’s FB Group), and previous injuries that weren’t properly cared for. However, we would have done this years ago if we knew it would turn out this well and that the positive shift would be so radical and would happen so quickly.

We don’t know where this journey is taking us, or what tomorrow will hold, and we are okay with it.

What we do know is that we are happier, healthier and excited to be back!!!!!

Love and Hugs, Friends.

Lance and Brandy