Instructors: Lance & Brandy Salazar

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The RELATIONSHIP RESET – GETAWAY EXPERIENCE is designed to guide you through a road trip and overnight experience that allows you to create a shared vision while enjoying uninterrupted time away with your partner.

Your connecting agenda will be packed the whole weekend; from planning your trip, sharing during your car ride, what to work on before, during, and after dinner, and your activities during the day.

This getaway experience is about purpose and intention. The focus will be on each other.

The distinct agenda will engage you and your partner in specific activities and questions meant to create deep and meaningful conversation. The RELATIONSHIP RESET – GETAWAY EXPERIENCE produces an opportunity for couples to share ideas, establish knowing and mutual understanding, and to collaborate to formulate mutual goals for your relationship.

Over the course of the weekend, you and your partner will create your vision and plan through workbooks completed individually and then together; sharing, learning, listening, connecting, and co-creating.


  • 8 Videos guiding you through 3 Relationship Aspects and how to complete the workbooks
  • 9 Workbooks and handouts for you and your partner to complete and share in order to create your Legendary Relationship

The goal of the GETAWAY EXPERIENCE is to:

  • Develop an understanding of 3 of the Relationship Aspects: Partnership, Friendship, and Lovers
  • Construct your own definition of what each Relationship Aspect means to you, your partner, and your relationship
  • Identify your strengths and your partner’s strengths in each Relationship Aspect
  • Promote new communication skills between you and your partner so that dreams, goals, and challenges can be discussed with open and compassionate hearts
  • Co-create a vision for your relationship that you can take action for moving toward
  • Connect, Connect, Connect!
  • Have a lot of fun!


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