I’m a pretty restless person. Physically and mentally restless. My mind is always jumping from one thought or idea to the next and on top of this, I also can’t sit still. Ask Brandy, it drives her nuts sometimes.

Unfortunately, this kid got these genes from me. She’s super fidgety, constantly dancing around the house, and likes to talk constantly (if you let her).

But lately, in the wee hours of the morning when Brandy and Hooley are still asleep, this little nugget will get out of bed, find me on the couch (lost in my head), and snuggle in deep.

We don’t say any words… just a telepathic ‘I Love You’ and quiet focus on the moment. My restless mind ceases to wander to and fro. Focus sets in on the only thing that matters right now; her head on my chest and the smell of her hair. We can do this for quite some time… until the rest of the house wakes up.

On a side note, I had hoped to snap this photo without her knowing. But when I was done, I saw her little hand give me a ‘thumbs up’, her gentle approval for my desire to capture this moment to let me know it was important to her, too.