Let’s face it. As a couple with kids it can be challenging to find quality time with each other. Brandy and I are huge fans of the Miracle Morning book (thank you Hal Elrod!) and proponents of having a morning routine, so when we were looking for other times to connect, we combined forces and decided to create one we could do together. We don’t always accomplish every part of the agenda, but it gives us a format to work from and we always enjoy the time we spend. To note – we also don’t do the activities in the order below.

We call it GAMETIME

G – Gratitude: expressing appreciation for each other goes a long way in growing your connection together. It could be as simple as thanking your partner for something they did for you the previous day (2-3 min).

A – Affirmations: We create affirmations for our relationship and our family together, as well as use the time to share our personal affirmations with each other (1-2 min).

M- Meditation: we are huge believers in the value of meditation. There’s also something very powerful sitting next to your partner meditating together. It doesn’t take much, and we often only do this together for 5 min.

E – Exercise: it’s important to get the blood flowing. There’s no need for a full-blown workout. Just a few bodyweight squats, pushups, and crunches over 10 min.

T – Talk: this is just basic conversation to talk about anything you want. But we’ve found that keeping it light works best for the morning. No heavy stuff. If you’re unsure what to talk about, using Table Topix is a good way to open up dialogue. Just pick a card and answer the questions for each other! (10 min)

I – Intimacy: now, this isn’t what you think, but if you have time and are feeing that energy, then we won’t dissuade you! But for us, this simply means having some form of touch or contact while we are doing your morning routine together. It could be holding hands while we talk or having our knees touching when we meditate. It’s important to have that physical energy between you two.

M – Motivation: We call this shared learning. Since Brandy and I are very into learning new things and personal development, we listen to a lot of podcasts and read books. We take this time to teach each other the stuff we’ve learned independently. (10-min)

E – Envision: This is a quick visualization of the day; sharing with each other what we’d like to do to make it perfect. (1-2 min)

So, give it a shot and if you do, let us know how it goes!