For 20 years, I worked as a clinical pharmacist. It’s quite different from what we do today at Legendary Couples with Kids. Truthfully, being a pharmacist has trained me for lots of different things in life… but one thing it didn’t help me with at all: marriage and fatherhood.

Becoming a dad exposed me to all my faults. It exposed all of all my programming in which I lacked any form of emotional intelligence. I put little to no effort into our relationship, and thus began the unraveling of our marriage.

In  my journey back to me, and ultimately back to us, I came to a few conclusions that serve as guiding principles of how I live my life today:

  1. The change in our marriage begins with ME.
  2. I only have control over myself, not my wife or my kids. I am the only person responsible for my happiness.
  3. I desire my relationship with my wife to serve as a model for what I want my children to have in the future
  4. I listen to my wife with the intention to hear and understand her. I choose to love her exactly as she is.
  5. I expand my emotional awareness to grow my ability to act wisely rather than react blindly during challenging times.

This journey has led me to a happier and more fulfilled marriage and life with my family than I ever had before… and it just keeps getting better.


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